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Stronger welds

Stronger welds

Aviatec SmartParts – friction welded parts of similar or dissimilar materials offer higher shear strength compared to traditional welding techniques.

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The welds produced with rotary friction welding offer strong, non-porous bonds that are ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in heavy duty applications.

With friction welding, two parts are sat opposite each other, one being stationary, the other rotating. The rotating part is pressed to the stationary part and the friction from the rotation plasticises the material. The force of the rotating part pushes excess material (burn-off) out of the weld and creates flashing. All impurities and oxidation from the surface of the material ends up in the flashing, giving the friction weld a clean, strong bond with no additives or gasses.

This additive-free process makes it a safe process for the worker and cost effective for the customer.

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