Research & Development

Developing new and exciting products

Developing a new product or trying to optimize specific processes? Our 30 years of experience solving numerous challenges related to product design has led to new and unique components.

We value questions and challenges from our customers, as it ensures the best opportunity for a long and fruitful partnership.

We are skilled craftsmen, industry experts and engineers – a tried and tested combination ensuring innovation. With friction welding we solve a wide variety of challenges where products require custom designs.

Imagine getting a new tool in your component design toolbox, which will solve your problems – learn more on our site, or even better, book a meeting today.

The benefits of an Aviatec collaboration 

  • Flexible material combinations, giving you a wealth of design freedom
  • Dimensional flexibility for raw materials
  • No cracks, notches or pores allowing for very hygienic welds
  • Low material impact (HAZ); working temperature ca. 1000-1100°C
  • Repeatable and monitored mechanical process
  • Minimizing CNC machining
  • Reduced use of raw materials, making costs less volatile
  • No additives or protection gasses

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