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The past

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An old newspaper ad and the first of a few friction welders

Aviatec ApS has a long and rich history which started in 1965. Founded by aeroplane mechanic Jørgen Troelsen as an aviation technical service company at Aalborg Airport; handling luggage, servicing planes and so on.  

The following years the company grow successfully and in 1975 a new business segment was added – Friction WeldingThis step was inspired by the use of it in the automotive and aerospace industry, and the fact that the process was unknown in Denmark at the time.   

In 1996 the airport support activities were sold off in order to focus the business, and since then it has all been about Friction Welding.  

This has, through the years, led Aviatec to requiring more machines as knowledge of the technology has become more prevalent. This spread of knowledge will not be complete before Friction Welding is a well-known technology amongst manufacturers in Danmarkand Aviatec being synonomous with it. 

Aviatec’s competencies within friction welding have been expanded all the years, and our knowledge of friction welding makes us some of the most experienced and innovative in the field. 

The present – and future

With the ever-increasing demands in our industry, Aviatec has committed to be a top provider of friction welded parts, enhanced by our machining capabilities, tracking of processes and certifications. 

Today, Aviatec is managed and owned by Director Jeppe Troelsen, son of founder Jørgen Troelsen.

For a future with more automation, increased manufacturing agility and ever higher levels of customer satisfaction and cooperation. 

CEO Jeppe Troelsen, Aviatec, about,

Director Jeppe Troelsen


Director of Customers and Project


Chief Executive Officer


Sergeant first class in the Danish Army, with 3 years deployment at Station Nord, the northern most airbase


Finished trade school as a machininst