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Industrial Applications

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Industrial application abilities

Aviatec has served its customers with pump shafts and valves for more than 30 years. We have developed a unique set of skills around combining dissimilar materials. Together with dimensional flexibility this has saved time and money through countless projects. Friction welding is a unique technique which does not compromise strength in the final product

The benefits of an Aviatec partnership and friction welding

  • Friction welds are as strong as the parent material (SDU’s tensile strength test). Due to a complete bond over the full surface of the part andthe absence of pores, cracks and notches as in e.g. traditional welding. Learn more about the friction welding process and its advantages HERE.
  • Flexible designs combining different materials without compromising on strength. Use only the expensive material where it is really needed in order to save on material costs and special processing. 
  • Reduced labor costs and material usage compared to conventional manufacturing techniques. Dissimilar materials, close to final dimensions ensure cost saving opportunities.
  • Friction welding delivers consistent quality since all steps in the process are monitored and machine-controlled, which delivers the same high quality every time.