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For purchasers

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Purchasers of mechanical components and parts often face short deadlines, floating reqirements, many stakeholders and sometimes a little stress.

Aviatec provides quotes for your items based on a technical drawing or sketch, material, expected delivery time etc. We even produce very small batches for evaluation purposes.

For your larger quantities please include forecast.

Call us today and let’s us provide a quotation within three business days.

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Design manual

To make things easier for you when designing parts for friction welding we have created a design manual for you to use. Click the button to receive the design manual.

Exporting is our second business

At Aviatec we have decades of exporting experience and we can help deliver your products anywhere in the world. Export (EU/world) comprised 80% of revenue in 2019, and we delivered more than 150 tons of parts for our customers

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