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Welcome to our world of Friction Welding

Strength and Material Saving

Lift shaft

Food & Pharma

We are proud to say that we produce high quality products for the food and pharma industry. Click here to read more.

Motor shaft

Industrial Applications

Our work within industrial applications are almost limitless. If you want to know more, click here.

Hydraulic piston rod

Heavy Duty

We are very experienced in working with the heavy duty industrial segment. Piston rods, motor shafts and much more.

Motor shaft

Research & Development

Have a good idea? Think you might need to save on materials and machining time? Read about our R&D work here.

We solve your challenges

Rethink production with SmartParts from Aviatec

Stronger welds

Aviatec SmartParts – friction welded parts of similar or dissimilar materials offer higher shear strength compared to traditional welding techniques.

Decreased machining time

Utilising friction welded SmartParts from Aviatec saves you time, and money, during machining.

Materials cost saving

The price of materials today is volatile, therefore, limiting material usage with friction welding and Aviatec’s SmartParts benefits our customers in decreased material usage.

Flexible material choices

The benefits of friction welding with dissimilar materials gives our customers the flexibility to use only the materials they need for the applications they need

Why, how & what

We believe that there is an unmet potential within many industries for large savings. Material and process-time savings and making smarter product design using dissimilar materials, is the key to optimizing your product.

Friction welding can utilize a lot of this potential, and we strive to realize it with a high focus on knowledge sharing, an agile operational setup and close cooperation with our customers – no matter their industry, order amounts or size. For as long as they see the same potential, we can secure long-term sustainable relations, where everybody benefits – now and in the future.

Therefore, Aviatec’s motto is to ensure “Sustainable bonds” .

Director Jeppe Troelsen 
Owner of Aviatec Aps