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Heavy duty

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Heavy duty applications

With our 20 years of experience welding hydraulic piston rods, turbo, S-cam and prop shafts, we know the requirements are high strength and durability – and we never compromise.

With an agile production setup and sourcing capabilities of standard material we ensure the needed delivery time. 

In case special processes are involved the customer often supply the raw parts, and Aviatec is used to managing special handling, packaging and quality requirement for these parts  

We often evaluate different setups with the customer in order to optimize the solution and a turnaround time of less than a week.

Benefits of collaborating with Aviatec:

  • Friction welding is strong (don’t just take our word for it, here is University of Southern Denmark and their shear strength test machine testing our parts.)
  • Ability to handle both cast and machined parts
  • Small batch sizes and fast turnarounds improves your flexibility and keeps inventory down